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Discover the future of urethral stricture treatment with Optilume®, a safe, simple, and durable solution offered by board-certified urologist Dr. Carl Ogeltree. Optilume® breaks the cycle of recurrent strictures by providing immediate relief and inhibiting scar tissue regrowth, ensuring long-term results with minimal impact on erectile function. Call (281) 565-3569 to schedule a consultation at our urology clinic in Sugar Land, TX and explore how Optilume® can improve your quality of life today.

A Safe, Simple and Durable Treatment for Urethral Stricture 

Break the stricture cycle


What Is Optilume® and How Is It Used?

  • Optilume® is a small, cylindrical balloon coated with medication engineered to simultaneously open the urethra and slow or stop stricture regrowth
  • Similar balloons have successfully prevented re-treatment in cardiovascular procedures for several years1
  • Recovery is mild4
  • No impact on erectile function1


Image showing how Optilume works


Watch our video to learn more.

At Last, A Breakthrough Treatment for Strictures

Current endoscopic anterior urethral stricture treatments are common practice and often ineffective, leading to multiple repeat procedures with diminishing results.2

Optilume® is an effective alternative to traditional endoscopic stricture treatments, offering minimally invasive, immediate relief.1 Optilume® works by inhibiting new scar tissue growth that often recurs after dilations or direct visual internal urethrotomy (DVIU).

All this in a simple out-patient procedure.

How Durable Are the Outcomes?

Optilume® has been studied in three clinical trials to date. Patients treated with Optilume® in these studies experienced these results:

  • 73% of patients treated with Optilume did not require further stricture treatment 5 years after their Optilume® procedure​3
  • Optilume® increased urinary flow rate (Qmax) by 298%​1
  • Optilume® decreased symptom severity scores for patients by 71%1

1. Data on file. DSC016-004 rJ Robust I Clinical Study Final Report

2. Steenkamp JW, Heyns CF, de Kock MLS, Internal Urethrotomy Versus Dilation as Treatment for Male Urethral Strictures: A Prospective, Randomized Comparison. Journal of Urology, Vol. 157.96-101. January 1997

3. Data on File: RP1277-001 rB

4. Data on File: TR1041

Please review the Instructions for Use for a complete listing of indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, potential adverse events and directions for use. The Optilume DCB is indicated for use in patients with obstructive urinary symptoms associated with anterior urethral stricture. It is designed to be used in adult males for urethral strictures of ≤3cm in length. The Optilume DCB is contraindicated for patients with known hypersensitivity to paclitaxel or structurally related compounds and patients with urologic implants such as penile implants or artificial urinary sphincters. Paclitaxel may be present in semen after treatment with the Optilume DCB. The risks associated with paclitaxel in semen and the impact on sperm and spermatogenesis are unknown. Men should abstain or use a condom for 30 days and men with partners of child-bearing potential should use highly effective contraceptive and avoid fathering children for 6 months after treatment. Monitor for signs of anaphylaxis or hypersensitivity to paclitaxel. Potential risks can include, but are not limited to, the following: blood in the urine (hematuria), painful urination (dysuria), urinary tract infection (UTI), urinary retention, and stricture recurrence.

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Explore a revolutionary approach to managing urethral stricture with Optilume®, an advanced treatment offered by board-certified urologist Dr. Carl Ogeltree. Designed to provide lasting relief and prevent recurrence, Optilume® utilizes a specialized balloon coated with medication to gently expand the urethra and inhibit scar tissue formation, ensuring a swift recovery and preserving erectile function. Call (281) 565-3569 and schedule a consultation today at our urology clinic in Sugar Land, TX.


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